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Wow, I Made “Best Sex Blogger’s” The Week In Kink (WinK#27) – Sweet! ;)

The Week In Kink (WinK#27)

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Photo via The Alexa Collection

Last week I started following Alexa’s tumblr and the photo above is from it. If you have never seen her tumblr collections I highly recommend you take a look. She finds some of the most erotic photos I have seen gathered together.

Just as on Friday, I am once again late putting up this post because I was out until the wee hours of the morning today. I started my evening by going to the HyperGender show that is co-produced by fellow sex blogger N. It was an amazing show and if you are in NYC I very much recommend you catch next months show.

A little bit late in the day but finally here is this weeks Week In Kink,

Debauched Domestic Diva

PSA – Dickhead Free Zone
Bad Bad Girl

Late at Night
Domme Space and Femme Power
The Real Princess Diaries

Mina Meow

Family Pressures – Being a Queer & Poly Only-Child
At Longing’s End

One hour with Kyra pt 3
An hour with Kyra as an observer – and after
Diary of a Kinky Librarian

A Fun Reason for a Sick Day
Catalina Loves

Catalina loves Sunday Smut
Smut & Steff

The Trouble With Writing
Sugarbutch Chronicles

My slutty little girl
Gracie’s Playground

bloody tips
Marky D. Sade

Deaf Bondage Model Rita Seagrave In Her first Hogtied Shoot
Urban Gypsy

Flake Factor – inspired by @SmuttySteff

A Parenting Moment
down the rabbit hole…..

Nancy Grace is an IDIOT

Sadly, the links and pictures didn’t transfer… so, you’ll have to go to www.bestsexbloggers.com to check out all of the juicy details! ;)

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