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Word Is Spreading… (Alphabet Soup)

People are talking… Do you hear them? They’re talking about Alphabet Soup… the new monthly social for the entire sex-positive community held on the fourth Thursday of the month at DTOX in NOHO.

But, what’s all the fuss? There’s lots of sexy parties and cocktail hours in the city- what makes this one so special? Unlike other events happening in the city, Alphabet Soup is for everyone… not just some. An event calling for solidarity among the alternative community, the gathering offers a unique opportunity for people from the LGBTQ, BDSM, Polyamorous, Swing, Tantric, Nudist, Burner, and other subgroups to meet and socialize. With all of these different and exciting people under one roof, you never know what to expect! With impromptu balloonacy of girls getting put into 6 foot balloons and rope bondage at the first party, and a fire play demonstration at the last,  it’s no wonder people are talking! Add to that a great location with tasty 2 for 1 drinks until 10pm, you can come, sit back, and relax with new and old friends after a long day at work.

Come find out what all the talk is about…

Check out the next Alphabet Soup on May 28th at 7pm.


Alphabet Soup… Serving up Solidarity!

New York City’s monthly sex-positive gathering for the entire community!

Uniting the LGBTPQ, FABGLITTER, and other sex-positive communities, Alphabet Soup serves up solidarity! Queer or straight, trans or cisgendered, kinky or vanilla, poly or mono, or anything in between… come be among friends!

Alphabet Soup is for ALL kinksters and sex-positive folk to gather regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, age, relationship paradigms, lifestyle preferences, etc.

Every 4th Thursday at DTox

31 2nd Ave, between 1st & 2nd St. (near the 2nd Ave V/F trains)

7pm – 11ish

Buy 1, Get 1 Drink Specials until 10pm

This event is FREE.

Come as you are… no judgments, no labels, no rules!

For more information, go here

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