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What Kind of Show/Demo/Activity Do You Want to See at Alphabet Soup?

So… the last two parties we had fun play going on in addition to all of the great people mixing and mingling that was going on…

At our first Alphabet Soup, we had some folks tying people up and Michael (BalloonHedz) showed us vibrating 8 feet long balloons and let Vanessa and I climb into a 6 foot balloon (where I promptly stripped her of her shirt and pants teehee).

At this last Alphabet Soup (#2), I brought my fire kit and set a few lovelies on fire… totally fun! ;)

I’d really like to get a few bootblacks to come and provide their sexy expertise. Perhaps we’ll get that going in May? I know Jim Deuder came all prepared, but it just didn’t happen (as usual). (Actually, it’s becoming quite the running joke between us.)

So, what would YOU like to see next month… and the months to come? ;)

C’mon… let’s hear it! :)

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