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Responding to Inappropriate Behavior

I am sharing this in hopes that it will help others – young or mature, newbie or jaded old-guard – to form words, learn courage, and take precautions to safeguard themselves from bullshit like this. As some of you know, I joined someone for music, drinks, and dancing at the McKittrick Hotel after Pleasure Salon […]

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Spoken In A Way Only an Artist Could

I pride myself in always being honest and sincere, but some days I’m a little more transparent to the world than others. Frankly, it’s weird. Sometimes I really feel like “Mina Meow” is a caricature of the “real” me. People have expectations of Her. She’s legendary in some circles (which baffles my mind, but that’s […]

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Have I Told You Lately How Much I Hate Men With Penises?

Ugh. Men are sooooo stupid. I swear, why must that Y chromosome make so many of them retarded assholes? Seriously, it seems to give them a propenensity for misplaced anger, aggression, and the inability to read. WTF? So, yeah, this guy, Allen Walker, sends me a response to my CL post in the W4W section […]

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Okay, Doesn’t Anyone Get it? (Rant #2 of the Day)

Okay, apparently it’s just a rant filled day… Today, I deleted my OKCupid and CollarMe accounts… not that I really used them for their intended purposes anyhow. I almost never go on MySpace or Facebook anymore (today being the first time I was on MySpace in a few weeks)… and I’m just totally sick of all […]

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