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(Cross Post) How NOT to Approach a Woman [on FetLife]

By luck or whatever, I’ve been spared much of the usual rude, obscene, or offensive messages here that I normally encounter from men on other networking sites. Today, I got a few messages from a Dom who apparently hasn’t learned how to approach a woman. Noticing my mention of Mother in the first paragraph of […]

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Black Friday… it’s Fucking Over.

WARNING: RAVING RANT WITH LOTS OF CURSING AHEAD *Steps on soap box* It didn’t phase me until today… I didn’t hear from them yesterday. I woke up this morning in a damn funk that could make anyone sleep in. At first I thought it was just normal exhaustion or even possibly empathy for someone who I know is going […]

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WTF… why must I always break out BEFORE a damn party????

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