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Seeking Providers for Sex-Positive Health Care Directory

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Dear LGBTQI and/or Sex-Positive Community Members: Like most people in the United States, people in the LGBTQI and alternative sexuality and relationship communities face great difficulty accessing affordable, comprehensive health care. Systemic discrimination and lack of basic cultural competency prevents many people from accessing medically necessary and appropriate health care and social services. In an […]

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NEXT Alphabet Soup… November 19th!

Alphabet Soup… Serving Up Solidarity! Uniting the LGBTPQ, FABGLITTER, and other sex-positive communities, Alphabet Soup serves up solidarity! Queer or straight, trans or cisgendered, kinky or vanilla, poly or mono, or anything in between… come be among friends! Alphabet Soup is for ALL kinksters and sex-positive folk to gather regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, […]

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Word Is Spreading… (Alphabet Soup)

People are talking… Do you hear them? They’re talking about Alphabet Soup… the new monthly social for the entire sex-positive community held on the fourth Thursday of the month at DTOX in NOHO. But, what’s all the fuss? There’s lots of sexy parties and cocktail hours in the city- what makes this one so special? […]

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Family Pressures: Being a Queer & Poly Only-Child…

I turned 30 in February and it seems as though my mother hears my biological clock ticking (or better yet, is expecting it to break). After returning to school at the age of 28, one would think my mother would be understanding of my commitment to finishing my education and the need for me to focus on my […]

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