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Have I Told You Lately How Much I Hate Men With Penises?

Ugh. Men are sooooo stupid. I swear, why must that Y chromosome make so many of them retarded assholes? Seriously, it seems to give them a propenensity for misplaced anger, aggression, and the inability to read. WTF? So, yeah, this guy, Allen Walker, sends me a response to my CL post in the W4W section […]

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Goodbye OkStupid…

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I decided to delete my OKStupid (err… OKCupid) account seeing as I never use it. I detest the idea of meeting people online anyway… so, what’s the point? I love the profile I created, so I’m posting it here… just because I can. LOL MissMinaMeow Sex nerd, total geek, and perpetually five   My self-summary […]

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