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Protected: She Said, “I Miss You.”

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Valentines Doesn’t Have to Suck Anymore…

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Valentine’s Day inspires great emotion in hearts across the country. For some, it’s a day of immense happiness, love professed, proposals made- a day where new and old love becomes bright and alive, rekindled with passion and romance. For others, it’s a day of sadness, broken hearts, love lost- a sore reminder of being alone. […]

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I Let It All Out To Find…

Grappling with mortality, body image, and the impermanence of all things. In a word- samsara. So much going on… so much coming up… so many feelings of elation, fear, sadness, love, sorrow, frustration, inadequacy, tenderness…. And then, this song comes up… and I lose it. My eyes start to well and my face is streaked […]

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Listening to Pandora Radio while studying and writing papers, the song, “Magic” by Colbie Caillat came on. It’s always been a song I adored, but as the song continued, I felt a surge of warmth spread and fullness expand through my chest and a smile grow on my lips. After a magical week at Beltane, […]

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Phermonic Rage

Okay, I admit it… even for me, this is going fast. I don’t want to put on the brakes because it feels so good… it just feels right. I’m just afraid we’ll burn out. What’s that saying… the faster the ascent, the faster the plummet? I don’t want to crash and burn. I don’t want […]

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An Open Heart… For the First Time

I was stretching before doing a run on the treadmill at the gym when this song, “First Time” by Lifehouse came on. I swear, I kid you not, I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at the heavens (or in my case, the vaulted gym ceiling.) It was ducking eerie… I heard the words […]

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