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What’s in a Name?

As we trimmed the tree with ornaments from my childhood, a time when I went by another name, the irony of my name change and my gender-journey did not escape me. As I placed an ornament with my old name up on the tree, I commented how it felt like it was from another life […]

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Thoughts Regarding Being Stone (Butch)…

During a Twitter conversation with a sexuality educator friend of mine, Corey Alexander about his upcoming class at InstigateNYC on Stone Sex and Culture, he directed me to this definition of Stone Butch… The usual boundaries/preferences I’ve seen classified as “stone butch” are: 1) No receiving of penetration. Period. Not anywhere or with anything. 2) […]

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Cross Post: A celebration of Butch Voices

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Cross-Posted from Sinclair Sexsmith at www.SugarButch.net Upcoming fundraiser in Brooklyn for the Butch Voices conference in Oakland this fall! There is a lot of information on the Butch Voices website that details the conference’s goals, what BV is about, and the logistics of the conference in Oakland in August. Announcing A Celebration of Butch Voices… […]

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Shopping for Jeans…

Nov. 20th, 2008 at 6:04 PM Mom handed me her Old Navy card and told me to exchange a furry-hoodie I wasn’t crazy about and to get a few things that I needed. I finally got over there and spent a few hours in the store. OMG, what a fucking nightmare. I wish I could have […]

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