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Slave Training: A List of Expectations

The person considering me for slave training asked me to list my expectations for training. .. here is what I wrote:


Asked of my expectations for training, my initial answer is “I have none.” Zen has taught me to approach life and experiences with few restrictions so as to allow things to be as they are- and not limit them to only those things which we can fathom. I deliberately chose to pursue training with you because I believe you can help me achieve the goals I have set for myself. I believe that there is much that I can learn from you and that I would feel safe and happy in your care. Somehow, I just know that this is a good fit. Why? Well, I’m not exactly sure. Just like my intuition that tells me when it is not, I know to trust my judgment and follow it. In this case, it is telling me to jump and take a leap of faith.


If I were to summarize what I hope to gain, my answer would be, “refinement.” What I seek is acculturation, empowered submission, instilled grace, learned etiquette, and more. I wish to become the sophisticated lady that commands a room when she enters, yet also be the gentleman, the little girl, the hermaphrodite, and the sacred whore. There are many pieces to my personality, and I wish to foster them all- somehow.


I seek training that is both demanding and nurturing. I seek to serve someone I respect; true submission is a gift, and I do not give of this vulnerability lightly. In order to give fully without question, I need to know that my needs will not be forsaken in vain. I seek a master that will regard my feelings and needs along with his own so that I can relinquish control without fear.


In light of the distance, I fear lack of contact will be difficult and lead me to feel like I am ‘on my own’ and serving a master that isn’t real; I would prefer there be others that can watch over me or help assist in my training when we are apart. Also, considering the nature of the relationship and the distance, I wish to be able to see/date others and play. In the very least, I expect to be able to negotiate who/what/where/when, etc.


If I were to list the skills I wish to hone or learn, suggestions would be:

1)         Personal Skills

a)       Manners/Etiquette

b)       Languages/Speech/communication/diplomacy

c)        Walking/Posture

d)       How to be a “lady”/ How to be a “gentleman”

e)        Entertaining/hosting

f)       Leadership skills

g)       Formal social skills, e.g. how to act a black tie event

h)       Fashion, presentation, grooming, etc.

i)        Corset/Waist Training

2)       The Arts

a)       Dance

i)        Belly dance/Veil dance/ Fan dance

ii)      Ballroom dance

b)       Voice/Singing

3)        Domestic Service

a)       Tea: high noon, Japanese tea ceremony

b)       Formal meal service

c)        Napkin folding

d)       Silver Care

e)        Flower arrangement

f)       Wines & food pairing

g)       Chauffer service

h)       Maid Service

i)        Cooking

j)        Cocktails/Bartending

k)       BootBlacking

l)        Proper Care of Possessions


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