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Night Calls

It’s yet another night and we’re talking on the phone; me staring at the New Jersey stars as you lay in your bed – both of us wishing we weren’t alone. I can’t recall what we are talking about when you confide you’ve been touching yourself. Although you had planned to only tease, from the sound of your breathing I can tell you’re close. Your voice starts to waver and your breath is getting heavier when I hear you ask to cum. When I say “no” I hear you tremble and pause. I tease you with words – saying the things I would do to you if you were near – and I can hear your whole body aching for release. You begin to pant and your voice quivers as I weave images of my fingers, lips, and cunt engulfing your bulbous cock and I know that you’re mine. You ask again and this time I say “yes”. With this permission, I can hear you getting closer and closer until I say, “cum for me” which makes you groan and cry out. Even as we lay hundreds of miles apart, I can feel you exploding into me as your voice roars into my ear.

Miles away, my cunt tingles with the excitement of feeling your cock inside of me. I yearn to feel your skin and lips pressed against mine – our bodies melding together and becoming one.
Soon, my love.