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My Summer Line-Up (Wow, I’m Going to be BUSY!)

Here’s the full list of the events I’m attending this summer:

TES Fest 2009
Thu, Jul 02 – Sun, Jul 05, ’09
I’m on staff for what is bound to be another amazing event!

CampOUT @ Long Fork near Charleston, West Virginia!
Thu, Jul 09 – Sun, Jul 12, ’09
Queers, trans, and allies, oh my! I CAN NOT WAIT for this event… I can’t believe I’m able to pull this one off!

Presenting “So You Want to Be a Slut?” for TES-TNG
Thu, July 29
I’m presenting my Poly & Swing class at TES… come check it out!

The Floating World
Fri, Aug 21 – Sun, Aug 23, ’09
I’m demo-bottoming for three of Lee Harrington’s classes!
P.S. If you’re interested in joining the NYC Fetish Tribe Volunteer Squad, let me know… in exchange for 10 hours of work, you can get comped admission to the event!

Dark Odyssey Summer Camp
Mon, Sept 15 – Mon, Sept 21
I’m getting there super early to set up Sex-O-Rama… how fucking fun is THAT?!

Dark Moon Rising: The Pagan BDSM Campout
Fri, Sep 25 – Sun, Sep 27, ’09
I can’t wait to have an amazing weekend of exciting woo-woo kink with Raven Kaldera and the gang at Cauldron Farm!

And somehow, in between all of this amazing stuff, I’m also expecting to start slave training with Sire Alexi. Oooh, exciting! *jumps up and down* Lots of awesome excitement happening this summer… all before the insanity that is nursing clinicals (and end of my social life) begins! ;)

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