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My Shoot with Erocrush… as Aiden

I was surprised when Erocrush expressed interest in photographing me as a boy, but me, being the ham that I am, I was all too happy to oblige. I was a bit nervous, but in the end, I think the pictures with WickedBlueGlow speak for themselves… holy fuck, these are HOT!

More to come… keep posted for more pics of me as Aiden with my Miss, SecretFreak!


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  1. napper says:

    As “stimulating” as these photos are, speaking as a straight male i believe Aiden still appears to be feminine, not fully “grasping” masculinity. However, WickedBlueGlow performed beautifully :)

  2. Mina Meow says:

    I’m working on it… but, I suspect I’ll always be a fag. ;)

  3. napper says:

    Sorry i NEVER use that 3 letter term starting with the letter “f,” even if the “f” and that 5 letter “q” terms are in my close openly gay friend’s regular vocabulary. i suggest using the Yiddish term “fay-ga-lah” which basically means “free as a bird.”

    Regarding Your “working on it,” i would LOVE to “lend a hand” (or two ;) with Your developing a better “grasp” with becoming more “masculine.” i promise- no *Pampering* is ever involved.

    • Mina Meow says:

      As stated this afternoon on my Twitter: I think I’ll use @SBearBergman’s idea of Butch as a noun. Fuck it. I’m tired of trying to look like a boy. I’m a girl & a boy. Get over it.

      It’s all good… I’ll figure this gender shit out eventually. In the end, I really just want to be ME. :)

  4. napper says:

    Mina- You are great the way You are, but i’ve learned in life- One should reconsider turning down opportunities to improve upon one’s skills. Even i had to learn through trial & sigh error.

    i’m NOT interested in making Aiden LOOK like a boy, i want to help Aiden with ACTING like a boy would while making out with a female. i am offering to basically be like Renato in La Cage aux Folles teaching Albin how to play a straight man.

    i apologize in advance if my attempt at HTML coding in WordPress does not work. I have yet to learn how to hyperlink in WordPress

  5. napper says:

    My HTML coding worked- including my italicizing sigh :)

    Addendum- i believe You have more “balls” than i do by Your courage and mission to educate about Your sexual exploration & by Your unifying “minorities,” along with Your challenging inflexible straight mindsets by Your and others sharing alternative perspectives.

  6. Kyle says:

    those are very hot pics… you are a very sexy boy, Aiden.

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  8. carlos says:

    hey can i join