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Model Mayhem… Flaunt Your Body but Not Your Sex?

After coming back from Dark Odyssey Winter Fire inspired by Lochai to apply for Kink.com, I tried to make a Model Mayhem account… but was denied. From several accounts, I’ve learned that the approval process can be rather tricky. It’s quite baffling, if you ask me. How can a site for MODELING, an industry which sexually objectifies women and uses sex-appeal as art, even begin to judge me… especially after I go ahead and make it PG. I’m at G-rated right now… and I have to say, I think it’s ridiculous that I have to do that in order to be accepted onto the site. There is nothing wrong with erotic photography or art… and I hate the implication that it’s a less worthy form of art.

This sex-negative attitude towards nudity, erotic art, and pleasure plainly show the double-standards and hypocrisies of our society. We can use our bodies to sell products from razors to beer, yet we can’t use our bodies to depict pleasure and *gasp* sexuality.

You know what I have to say? Fuck you, Model Mayhem. I may abide by your requirements and tame my profile to something a child could read, but I will NEVER feel ashamed to be a sexual human being.

Wanna see the Sex-Negative attitudes for yourself? See the responses I received from Model Mayhem Moderators below. Be sure to check out the last ones in particular:

Hi there,

I’m not exactly sure why my profile was denied a while back, but I made changes and still no change in status. Please help!

Mina Meow

adam moon

Jul 03 09 04:20 am
Hi Mina. Your profile was originally denied because of your bio & references to adult work. Pornographic (“adult” or “X-rated”) material is not allowed on this site. This includes photos, linking to such sites or networking, or referencing adult work in your bio or portfolio. We certainly have nothing against those who chose to do adult work, but have decided not to allow this site to be used to network in that industry.

While i see you changed your bio, we’ll need you to remove the references to Kink.com/Hogtied.com & Casting Couch. Everything else seems totally acceptable. You can let us know you’ve amended your bio by replying here.


mm moderator


Aug 16 09 02:58 pm
Hi Adam,

I made the corrections… please accept! smile

I’ll be adding the pictures from my shoots with Barbara Nitke and EroCrush soon!


Dean Johnson Photo

Aug 16 09 04:09 pm
Hi Mina,

It would seem that you’re not understanding what Adam told you. You did make some changes, but you still reference adult…stuff that goes beyond what we allow.

You link to your site;


There explicit talk of masturbation…and even worse, links to hard-core porn and sex toy sites…etc.
You’re not allowed to mention or link to such things.

Here’s one example


are you sure this is the right site for you?


Dean Johnson Photo

Aug 16 09 04:10 pm
And your bio;
I recently shot with Barbara Nitke, Lochai, and EroCrush and am looking to break into modeling, especially fetish and BDSM. I enjoy bondage and am willing to negotiate almost any kind of shots. I love costumes, vintage fashion, and corsets.

Feel free to contact me at: Mina@MinaMeow.com


Aug 16 09 06:00 pm
Yes, this is the site for me… most of my friends that are doing any kind of modeling are on here.

Bio further updated. All references to my site, willingness to do erotic/nude photography, and any other kind of “adult” subjects have been removed. Consider my profile sanitized for child consumption. I am interested in doing any kind of modeling… not just explicit though I admit to being very sex-positive. (I don’t believe sexuality is something to be ashamed of). I hadn’t realized sexual objectification for the sake of marketing products is considered art, however, being open about it isn’t.


7 Responses so far.

  1. Calico says:

    Fuck Model Mayhem.

    I have never gotten a gig off there. Onemodelplace allows adult performers to advertise, and I have paid them for a silver/gold subscription in the past and feel it was well worth the money.

    My profile on MM isn’t worth the space it takes up.

  2. WTF? You link to YOUR website from them, not to the porn sites. What the fuck is that? They can lick my balls.

  3. Harry Larry says:

    Good, I was hoping somebody would mention OMP. MM sucks massively. And not in a good way.

  4. napper says:

    while i am not speaking with legal authority, i suspect this is an act of invidious discrimination. Unfortunately when it comes to cyberspace- an individual’s ability to pursue a discrimination claim against a corporation’s website becomes MORE challenging :(

    One kink / fetish / bondage model i am friendly with & referred to two fetish modeling photographers- has a vanilla & an “adult” bondage profile on MM. One of the photographers has even posed nudes on MM (with only her limbs or hair covering her “private parts,” though in one case- not all her “bush”). Several models have even stated on their profile they have worked for kink.com!

    This is BEYOND an issue of Model Mayhem’s having “Sex Negative attitudes” or censorship of what MM considers “adult” “x-rated” content. i suspect this is an act of invidious discrimination against your gender / orientation / identity, but they couched it as rejection of no longer / ever exists on your MM profile!

    If MM doesn’t allow you to post your profile after you abide by their suggested revisions, i would contact the ACLU. ACLU can contact their California offices and file a suit with MM there.


    P.S. If you want to have some NON kink fun & if your school has WestLaw, insert “invidious discrimination” (ID) into the search field and you’ll be amazed how many legal presidents are found within the past decade. ID cases are usually associated with employment, but as lawyers say “first case sets precedent.”

  5. napper says:

    Addendum- after the recent discrimination settlement with eHarmony, i imagine several law reviews (citing legal precedents) have been published recently on discrimination against gays & lesbians on the internet. This would be a good starting point for conducting legal research on invidious gay discrimination claims against websites.

  6. j says:

    i’ve had a similar experience w/ MM…i am a musician and being discriminated against because of that!

    We are two musicians and models who do A LOT of print & video work. We have 4 videos currently and are always on the lookout for talent to work with…makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers, models etc…We tried to join Model Mayhem back in May, but we were denied! We submitted gorgeous, professional shots of us and links to our websites. Please advise, model mayhem would be a GREAT resource for us and we can offer other artists and performers great exposure. We love collaborating. We are VERY disappointed.

    – Phil H –
    Oct 30 10 04:39 am
    MM is intended to be used to facilitate direct networking between individual photographers, models and others in the modeling/photographic industry, for the purposes of working together on personal project.

    As such, we do not extend membership to, or permit the site to be used as, a networking, casting or promotional resource for businesses, musicians, groups, websites or other entities/individuals, not related to our industry.

    Unfortunately therefore, as both a “group” and as musicians, you are not eligible for MM membership.

    Phil H
    MM Moderator

    Oct 30 10 05:30 am
    ok, so i need to re apply as an individual??? also, i think you are cheating your members by NOT allowing musicians. we need makeup artists and hair stylists and photographers ALL THE TIME in tons of different cities. have you even looked at our photos? we are a little different than the normal band. i think as a company, you need to re-evaluate this policy. we are TOTALLY related to your industry, i think this policy is totally BOGUS and discriminatory. in fact, i have probably done MORE modelling than half of the ladies you have on your site. i’ve done runway, editorials and have appeared most recently in GLAMOR magazine. also, our band is vibrant, active and extremely fashionable. i am very disappointed and will NOT be promoting your website or services and will tell my highly influential circle of friends about this discrimination in MANY conversations.

    – Phil H –
    Oct 30 10 05:45 am
    Even if you apply as an individual, you will not be allowed to use the account on behalf of your band and such usage will result in the immediate closure of your account.

    As to the other points you raise, thanks for your input, we will take it under advisement.

    Phil H
    MM Moderator

    Jennie Vicious

    Oct 30 10 05:46 am
    that’s great, so now i’m “banned” from model mayhem as an individual because you fear i may employ a makeup artist to do a photo shoot for me because i am in a band????? this is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jennie Vicious

    Oct 30 10 05:47 am
    i bet there are countless members of model mayhem who are IN BANDS and they are allowed to use your service??? i am taking action against you for this discrimination.