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How to Get the Most Out of a Kink Event…

It’s still a few months away, but many of us are already lining up our plans for Dark Odyssey Winter Fire. After creating a “Hot Pile of Queer Orgy” party and “Got Rope?” play date invites, I decided to write a post for the DO newbies. For all of you perverts who might be new to the large kink events like Floating World, TESFest, Winter Solstice, and Dark Odyssey, read on.

DOWF10 will be my 3rd Winter Fire and 6th Dark Odyssey event. After
being awarded “Eager Beaver” at my first summer camp and “Most Likely to
Try Something New” at my second, one could say I’m a huge advocate for
making the most out of these events. In the past, I have gotten into all
sorts of trouble, including: a ritual hook suspension, gang bangs and
orgies, fire spinning, shooting with Hogtied.com, a ritual flesh
removal, rope suspensions from big trees, abductions, burials, and so
much more. I’m forever inspiring some kind of mayhem!

So, my advice to all of you is this…

– Make play dates ahead of time! Check out the invites, create ones for
fantasies you’re looking to fulfill, and contact individuals you think
you’d want to engage with. While in all likelihood you won’t get around
to most of them, it’s great to have a few things already lined up!

– If you’re poly or non-monogamous, be sure to discuss limits and such
BEFORE you arrive! There will be MANY opportunities for fun- be sure to
bring your communication skills with you!

– Speak up in classes and try things whenever possible! Hey, you never
know what your newest kink will be! ;)

– If you’re shy, pick up and wear a shy ribbon… of course, be sure to
place it in a creative spot! ;)

– Bring contact cards to the event… trust me, you’ll meet LOTS of
people you’ll be anxious to keep in touch with!

Have a great DO… and I’ll see you in February!

Love & huggles,
Mina/ Aiden

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