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Cross-Post: Your Fashion Fetish is Valid

This is a Cross Post by Lee Harrington taken from his Student Lounge Discussion Group on Fetlife.

I have a denim fetish.

As we speak I am wearing blue jeans that are a 38×38. For those who have no idea about sizes, that means my waist fits right, but the legs are so long you can’t really see my feet except the tips of my toes. I bought these jeans at a Big & Tall shop one afternoon shopping with a Seattle friend of mine when he needed interview clothes. It was important.

I saw the jeans and drooled. Seriously? 38″ inseam? I tried them on and they were perfect. They had to be mine. The idea was to have jeans I could wear with platform heels/pony boots/ballet boots… stilt-worthy jeans. But I also got them for being able to jerk off in.

I love denim. I love the movability of it, the way it clings to the flesh. I love crisp denim that still feels like potential. I love old denim that carries a thousand stories on it’s weft and warp.

I love jeans that cling to good looking rear ends. I love loose jeans that invite me to rip them off of the wearer.

I’m not a big fan of funny colored jeans. Give me blue, or maybe black or white or brown or grey. The exception is if its all totally 80s, new wave hairstyles and all… and then I flashback and swoon.

I got very upset in London one year, waiting in line at the Skin Two Rubber Ball. This was 99 I think. I was in head to toe purple latex, and the gent in front of me was short, bald, very good looking, broad shoulders- in white cowboy boots, white denim jeans, white denim jean jacket. Sexy, beautiful. The man at the door, in almost generic pvc pants and buckle top with huge hair eyed him up and down and said- “You’re not in fetish wear.” The man took off his jacket, and his hyper-muscled upper body was bare from the nipples up, but from the nipples down was corseted tight in a matching white denim corset. The man at the door sighed and said something to the effect of “Oh well, it will do.”

Recently, I’ve attended a few events that have issues with jeans. I happened to read the rules for the party that night (I admit that I sometimes forget), and noticed it said “no jeans”- to be safe, I decided to email the event producer to make sure my plan: tight blue jeans, black leather boots, black leather shirt, black leather Master’s cap, black leather gloves and belt; would be ok.

No, no blue jeans allowed. You mean no street blue jeans, yes? No, no blue jeans of any sort.

I was taken aback. I own one pair of leather pants but they are being repaired. I don’t wear kilts. I think dockers make me look fat and certainly not fetishy. PVC looks silly on my ass in my opinion as I am not a raver kid. Even my steam punk stuff is made of denim- black denim, but still denim. I could wear a sarong I guess, but that isn’t fetish I was thinking, is it?

I settled on steam punk. Most folks showed up in underwear, lingerie, etc. I was very confused, and proceeded to end up much more naked. Why hadn’t they just said naked with lingerie party?

But it rubbed me the wrong way- hard. My fetish is denim. It was a fetish wardrobe required party. I was not allowed to enjoy my fetish wardrobe. Please explain?

Fetish has become a hemogenized term to mean shiny and sleek and what pop Kink media says is fetish. What pop media at large says is fetish.

My fashion fetishes and desires? Sweaters Blue Jeans 80s new wave inspired stuff Tight corsets Pigtails Bald heads Beards Seamed stockings Good looking high heels (not usually stripper shoes, think more dolce gabana with a tight pair of jeans) Converse Leather boots Snug leather gloves Aesthetically pleasing piercings and tattoos Being in spandex, or touching a lover in it (looking from a distance does nothing for me)

Latex is sexy, but it rarely gets me hard- it just engages the fashion fag in me. Other leather stuff looks good, but its the connection of hand or tongue to boot, or the stories boots tell, or leather gloves as they cling to the flesh, that does it for me. But head to toe encasement leather- looks good on some folks, stupid on others (OMG JD and Kristin for example- drool).

But give me new wave boys with lopsided hair, converse, jeans and skinny ties and I go stupid. Give me girls in heels and tight jeans and a good looking sweater and I melt (when my conversation partner at the bathhouse event in BC was getting dressed… into a ratty old high femme sweater, short skirt, had an 80s inspired haircut, deep choclaty skin and a pair of heeled leather boots… I didn’t think she could get sexier, but there it was.

Give me muscle men in torn denim. Give me fashion plates in RMD. Give me Bruce Springsteen and George Michael. Give me that moment the fabric has gotten so thin you can see every aching need. Give me echo and pulse through cotton and indigo dye.

My fetish is valid. I do not have to be shiny to be enjoying my fetish. I am saddened by a world where fetish fashion means cloning the magazines.

Dance with me, in tight blue jeans, my pretties.

YOUR fashion desires are valid. Whatever they are. I said so. I don’t care if it’s for Power cones or neon colored sarongs, I don’t care if its for toe rings or lip plugs. I don’t care if it’s for hand-woven shawls or 30 layers of pantyhose. I don’t care if it’s for flip flops or bee hive hair dos. Your desires are valid. You are valid.

I said so.


Lee Harrington


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