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Chew on This!: A Gender-Bending Brunch… Anyone Interested????

Anyone interested in doing a social and discussion surround gender theory and identity? I would like to propose a meet up for brunch and discussion about what gender means to us, the authors and activists that shape our views, and to share some tools on how to navigate transgender and genderqueer relationships.

What do you think?

If you’re interested, please let me know… ;)

23 Responses so far.

  1. I would love to, but it revolves around what dates and when I have my child. I am going to a party the night of the 25th and not sure when I’ll be home the next morning. This weekend I have lil’phoenix (probably) or I’m going to see VNV Nation.

  2. ATG says:

    Mina, let me hook you up with GenderQueer Revolution folks in New York. Let’s talk offline or via email. http://www.genderqueerrevolution.org

    My email: ATG@genderqueerrevolution.org

  3. StacyCat says:

    I would be interested! It sounds awesome :)

  4. lostgirley says:

    I am interested, but I missed originally that it is in NYC, which is a bit of a commute. :(

  5. samber says:

    Assuming dates aren’t an issue I’ll be there, possibly with my partner

  6. So you want a head count do you? Is that a count of heads, people willing to give head or the heads of people who could physically make it to a brunch? I live on the left coast so it’s a bitch of a commute to NYC but would love to discuss all things gender online. As for the other, I’m always willing to kneel for fun.

  7. Lolita says:

    Depends on the date. I would be there.

  8. Karoline says:

    Depending on the timing, yeah. I think I’d be listening/learing/questioning more than contributing, but I’m interested.

  9. ChristianNJ says:

    I am curious and interested, just depends on the date of it. Weekends are booked with show commitments till sept.

  10. I was talking to someone recently about doing an online disability class via some of the new technology out there for interactive classes via internet. I can talk to the person about maybe doing a weekly online via voice/video gender chat kinda thing. It seems like its much wider than just us doing it in NYC.

    The interesting thing is… that for me… gender isn’t fluid. I tried the in-between thing, and found out I’m happily all the way over on the female end of the spectrum. This doesn’t mean my outward presentation is gender-binary, just my identity. But I think that gender talk doesn;t just have to be with “genderqueer” people, because I don’t even identify as “transgender” because it means that I would have had to think of myself as a male at some point, and I always had a heard time wrapping my head around what everyone seemed to think about me.

    I do identify, at least in-part as transsexual – because I am changing and transforming my physical being :)

  11. erinhoudini says:

    I’m out the next 2 weeks for surgery and have no idea how active I’ll be right when I return, but I’m interested in this.

  12. D says:

    Count me in…and keep me posted

  13. Hero 4 Hire says:

    When are you thinking of doing this? I’d love to come if I have the time

  14. Laine says:

    I would love to, though it would have to be post 7/29

  15. I’d love to come, if I fit in. Sometimes I feel so not queer, even though I’m a gay boy in a cisgendered mostly femme body.

  16. @Wendy, knowing what I know about you – you fit in – I think you would “get off” on theory conversation, which I think is the only requirement *laugh*

  17. Finn says:

    Sounds great, please keep me posted on this, hopefully it’s a Saturday, so I can attend

  18. Tara says:

    hi there, saw your posting for this on fetlife. i’d definitely be interested if i’m available!

  19. K says:

    I would certainly be interested in this!

  20. V. says:

    I’d come if it was at a time I could make, for sure.

  21. Redcat says:

    Depending on the date and time, I’d be interested.

  22. Mina Meow says:

    Okay, looking to set a date during break… 12/21-1/21. Any preferred dates???