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Changed Forever: A Thank You to Dark Odyssey

For almost a decade, I have been returning to Ramblewood to commune with tribe for various Dark Odyssey and other events. I can still vividly remember my first Dark Odyssey Summer Camp in 2008 when my excitement brought me to camp on Tuesday night leading me to sleep in my car because I was unable to find a vacancy in a motel nearby. After having my mind and body blown open by the experience of Dark Odyssey Winter Fire earlier that year, I was ecstatic to attend an immersive camp experience – so much so that I maxed out 2 credit cards in order to do so! That camp, I played my face off. I made so many new friends, took risks and asked for my desires, learned a ton by attending lots of classes, and tried every new and scary thing I could. Not surprisingly, I was awarded the “Eager Beaver” award that year (and a similar award the following event)! Pushing boundaries, expanding definitions, growing, learning, and fun – these are things that I associate with Dark Odyssey.

Years later, so much has changed – I’m not the same person I was when I first found DO events. So many transitions, transformations, revelations! No longer the frenetically hyper creature I was, my identity and personality have matured and evolved into the ecstatic gender fluid and queer individual I have become. Because of Dark Odyssey and the many amazing people I have met along my journey, my understanding of gender and orientation expanded and my kink and sexuality have become forever linked to my spirituality. The fact remains that who I am has changed because of Dark Odyssey… and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Yet, this most recent camp was different. After an amazing Fusion in which I began to feel my walls come down and my heart expand again, I felt a homecoming at SummerFest that I hadn’t felt since my earliest camp. I fucked and cuddled new and old friends. I popped cherries. I played and fucked hard. I smiled more than I have in years. I screamed. I cried. I found passion, purpose, and community in Primal Arts. I pushed boundaries and found ecstasy with my new partner. I came home – to my family, to my tribe, and to MYSELF.

To Greg, Karri, and the rest of the DO staff and family:
Thank for an amazing seven years of revelations, adventure, and fun. I can’t imagine my life without you.


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