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Dark Odyssey Fusion Wins for 2014

Weekend Wins for Dark Odyssey Fusion: Facilitating bliss and transformation through the rites of the Sensual Feast and Temple of Qadesh Long talks until the wee hours on a trampoline chakra (inside joke) with Allan Hours of serious and silly conversation interspersed with sweet kisses with Doug Tea, flirtation, and play with a delightful Irish […]

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What It Feels Like To Be Eaten Out (by Lauren Oyler)

I read this on my internet wanderings and couldn’t help but sharing. For all those that like (and especially if you don’t like to) “eat out” or “go down”, take note! What It Feels Like To Be Eaten Out APR. 27, 2011 By LAUREN OYLER I hate it when a guy asks me to “Tell […]

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Cherry Poppin’

As a player that has been in the scene for more than 15 years, I am often the one popping the cherries but rarely have any left for others to pop… and yet Brimstone IV was full of cherries! My Brimstone cherry cobbler of yumminess: My FIRST experience receiving service – at all and especially […]

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