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Pregnancy & Safer Sex in FTMs

The following letter was written to the editor at TransHealth.org:* Dear Editor,   I am a 37 year old post-op (top only at this time) FTM or transsexual male and my questions is, can FTMs become pregnant while on Testosterone? I have been on T for almost two years now and recently I did something […]

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Still Trans*


For some time now, I’ve been “laying low” in regards to the flux and change of my gender identity and desire for greater expression.  Although I alerted friends and chosen family of my movement away from a masculine identity after deciding to stop taking hormones, I chose not to make any rash or major changes […]

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TransMen’s Health: Tip #1

In Response to an Update Post by Buck Angel on Facebook If you have a provider that is knowledgeable about transmen’s health, you may have heard that testosterone affects the cervix and vaginal walls. With elevated levels of testosterone, the cells lining the cervix and vagina become atypical making it harder for providers to screen […]

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