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Buy Your Days in the NYC Sex Blogger Calendar…

Since it’s the last week to buy personalized days in support of the NYC Sex Blogger Calendar, I’m following Miss Calico’s lead by offering something extra.

As many of you know, I’m one of the pin-ups for this year’s NYC Sex Blogger Calendar entitled “Visions of Sexual Freedom”. On August 6th, I’ll be shooting with the amazing Barbara Nitke and fabulous Debauched Diva of Best Sex Bloggers.

So, as Miss Calico puts it… besides the inevitable hotness (see this year’s pin-ups!), why should you donate? The calendar project benefits Sex Work Awareness, an organization that advocates for sex workers as well as running the excellent Speak Up! media training. Your dollars buy confidence and a kick in the ass for sex workers like us to speak out, to blog, to make videos, to talk back to reporters, to school our friends and to stand up to our enemies.

Why else should you donate? Well, to entice you to help support our cause, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and offer some incentives from yours truly. :)

If you buy one day, for $10, I will send you a sexy snapshot of me (or part of me) in whatever pose/persona you like, with a thank-you or a personalized message! Just forward your receipt to Mina at MinaMeow dot com, with the message you’d like and what kind of shot you want. Like Miss Calico said… let me know whether you’d rather I email it to you, so it’s yours-all-yours, or post it here to show the world how special you are to me. ♥

Two days, or $20, buys you a BDSM scene with me at an event… whether it be at The Floating World, Dark Odyssey Summer Camp, NYC Fetish Tribe’s Suspension parties in NYC, whatever. So for a $20 receipt, I will be delighted to share my enthusiasm for Sexual Freedom with you! You can choose a whole host of stuff… sensual massage, spanking, flogging, punching, caning, fire play, needle play, have your boots blacked, whatever!

For three days, or one day and a calendar ($30), I’ll let you top ME in a BDSM scene… no, really. :) Choose the event and scene (within reason), and I’ll let you take the reins for a while. :)

Big spenders: Let’s talk. I’m not above offering fistings or other fun stuffs! ;P

If you don’t know what to put on your day, pimp out your favorite blog, sex-positive charity, an independent pornographer or artist, share an inspiring quote, or leave a message for a friend or lover. (I bought my girlfriend’s birthday!)

Or just donate! I’ll still happily make it worth your while! Remember, send your receipts (and your message and directions) to Mina at MinaMeow dot com.


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  3. David Cooper says:

    My 3/31/2010 ad plugs an erotic poet whose book I translated: “Erotic poet & ‘Little Promises’ author Rachel Eshed’s birthday: bit.ly/Xq2HS ”

    I’ll pass on the pic and scene, but do take a look at “Little Promises” which I’m sure you’ll agree is a very hot read.

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