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About Aiden Fyre

DSC_7653“Try-sexual” by nature, Aiden Fyre enjoys pushes their boundaries or deconstructs them altogether as a dodecahedron of passion, play, and desire. Using school and life as their classroom, Aiden has spent the last decade (and then some) learning about themself and their passions by delving into love and relationships, sexuality, gender, kink, polyamory, spirituality and more. Aiden advocates for authenticity in all areas of life – especially sexuality – and enjoys inspiring curiosity and exploration, as well as informed decision-making as a sex-positive nurse and student midwife, sexuality educator, sacred intimate, model, blogger, bootblack, Cuddle Party Facilitator-in-Training, founder of the Judgment Free Health Care Providers Resource & Directory, as well as the host of a monthly sex-positive social gathering in NYC called Prohibition. As a “Kinky Catalyst,” Aiden tends to encourage debauchery wherever they go. When they’re teaching or organizing Cuddle Parties, Fist-A-Paloozas, Safer Sex Orgies, or Sensual Feasts, Aiden can generally be found out and about hanging from various hard points, fucking (up) or being fucked (up) by sexy humans, or orchestrating mischief and mayhem as a Little. Aiden positively loves being a facilitator of fun!

After entering the New York City alternative scenes in 1998 as Mina Meow, Aiden Fyre transitioned from female to a trans* (albeit fluctuating) gender identity in 2009. After two years on hormones (testosterone), they returned to a femme gender expression and third-gender (non-binary) identity in June 2013.

Following the path of sacred sexuality, Aiden’s gender, sexuality, and spirituality are intertwined. Vowing to live as Third Gender, Aiden discovered beauty living outside the binary and encourages others to to see the beauty of living in brilliant color. As a pagan priest/ess and spirit-worker, Aiden finds themself an instrument of divine wisdom and inspiration; Aiden’s Work as a medical professional, sexuality educator, sacred intimate, and activist are all part of their sacred path and service.