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Ecstatic Revolution

no passion in settling

Exploring Sexuality & Spirit…

Pleasure. Erotic Fantasies. Kink. BDSM. Bondage. Power Exchange. Leather. Homosexuality & Queer Identity. Gender Transgression and Non-conformity. Alternative Lovestyles. Non-monogamy and Polyamory. Sex Work.

This website is a personal manifesto and call for others to radically explore and express ourselves as the authentic human-beings we are.  Join me on a journey into the depths of gender, erotic authenticity, desire, passion, spirituality, and more…

Within each of us is a light that shines brightest when we have the courage to express ourselves and become who we are meant to be.  Each of us unique and yet similar, fear and doubt prevent many of us from being wholly authentic or from acting on passions and desires.  Faced with dissenting messages from our peers, family, the media, religions, and society, many of us struggle with aspects of ourselves that we’ve been told to repress because they are “wrong”.

courage eecummingsWhy settle for ordinary, when we can be extraordinaryThe flames of passion which drive us are extinguished when we do not follow our bliss. We deny ourselves pleasure and stifle our ability to become who we are meant to be when we relinquish our dreams and forego our true desires!

Join me on a journey exploring gender, sexuality, and spirituality. Let’s be the change… and ignite all aspects of our lives with the fuel of erotic authenticity and desire!