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Monthly Archives: August 2014

I Miss(ed) You… but I Never Had You.

The Nickelback song , “I Miss You” plays on my Pandora and I am transported to a particular point in time. Suddenly, the feelings I had then flood back and I am reminded of how I felt – and what I didn’t feel in return. When I look back, I see myself wanting to offer […]

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How do we know if we love someone by John Kim

I stumbled onto the article, How do we know if we love someone by John Kim and couldn’t help but share it here. This articulates something that I’ve been saying for more than ten years – “Sometimes love is just not enough.” The fact is: we have to work on it. Love isn’t something that happens […]

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On Expressing Love & Breaking Patterns

In true Aiden overthinking fashion, I have been noticing how I show love with the new boy. It’s interesting to note that my usual (or at least previously typical) methods of expressing love have taken a backseat to others… or at least are just different. I find it interesting that I’m expressing in different ways – […]

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Night Calls

It’s yet another night and we’re talking on the phone; me staring at the New Jersey stars as you lay in your bed – both of us wishing we weren’t alone. I can’t recall what we are talking about when you confide you’ve been touching yourself. Although you had planned to only tease, from the […]

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The New Rules of Relationships by Hara Estrof Marana

I thought this was so good that I needed to boost the signal… read and pay heed! The New Rules of Relationships Kindness counts, but fun is at least as important. Published on July 28, 2014 by Hara Estroff Marano in Nation of Wimps Human beings crave intimacy, need to love and be loved, and […]

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Stuff That Makes an Aiden Happy

A while back, I created this to share with a partner. Since I keep being asked about my likes and dislikes, I figured it might be prudent to share this here. Food: I enjoy a wide array of ethnic foods and especially love being introduced to new ones. Favorite Genres: Thai, Italian, Indian, Japanese/Sushi, Ethiopian, […]

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