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Monthly Archives: July 2014

My Desires in Partnerships

Heavily influenced by a friend… I want partners that are on my level in terms of intelligence, life experience, and spirituality. To me, what is most important is self-awareness, mindfulness, and a sense of awe and wonder. I need partners that are not intimidated by my strength, yet are also to see and honor the […]

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Try – On Being Authentic & Refuting Beauty Standards

I love Colbie Caillat – I’ve always loved her music, and her latest song, “Try” is so incredibly affirming and inspirational. Her honesty about the pressure to conform and her personal struggle to remain authentic in the heavily-produced music industry explains the genuineness of the song. I love how she is taking a stand against […]

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Community Solidarity And Personal Responsibility

THIS! I want to plaster this everywhere. Seriously, I want to hug Jack Halberstam for this writing: http://bullybloggers.wordpress.com/2014/07/05/you-are-triggering-me-the-neo-liberal-rhetoric-of-harm-danger-and-trauma/ “Indeed, it is becoming difficult to speak, to perform, to offer up work nowadays without someone, somewhere claiming to feel hurt, or re-traumatized by a cultural event, a painting, a play, a speech, a casual use of slang, […]

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