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Monthly Archives: February 2014

I have a dirty little secret… and no, it’s not sexy.

The following started as a message to a dear friend who is struggling with depression and ED (eating disorder). I decided to post this because, a) most of us keep these things hidden, b) this is an issue that affects wo/men and others beyond such labels – within our community as well as without, and […]

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Respect Yourself, Protect Yourself

I got a message from someone asking about safer sex and her rights as a young woman. She asked about birth control, safer sex, and her ability to demand protection with her partner. May all of my sisters and brothers out there hear this message loud and clear. _______ You have the right to make […]

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Pregnancy & Safer Sex in FTMs

The following letter was written to the editor at TransHealth.org:* Dear Editor,   I am a 37 year old post-op (top only at this time) FTM or transsexual male and my questions is, can FTMs become pregnant while on Testosterone? I have been on T for almost two years now and recently I did something […]

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Why Should Fluid-Bonded Couples Use Safer Sex at Public Parties?

I acknowledge that this is a topic that evokes a LOT of emotion in the community. This writing is based on my experience and knowledge as a health care provider, sexuality educator, and community member for over 15 years. These are MY OPINIONS. By all means, take my advice or leave it… As so many […]

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