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Monthly Archives: July 2013

9 Mistakes Every Man Makes When It Comes To Women (by Chelsea Fagan)

As much as I hate gender stereotyping, some of these struck me as dead-on…. So, perhaps you guys should read these just in case? 9 Mistakes Every Man Makes When It Comes To Women SEP. 9, 2013 By CHELSEA FAGAN on Thought Catalog 1. Assuming that her sexuality is for male consumption. Whether it’s the […]

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Evolving Identities and Labels

Geek, Goth, Kinky, Poly, Pagan, Queer, Sex Worker, Trans* Each transgression from the norm has led me to where I am today. Being on the fringe has helped me to become self-aware and strong. A source of power and pain, being All and None has gifted me with an enormous capacity for empathy, compassion, and […]

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Dreams of Discord

In my dreams I see you You are here And nothing has changed I wake up And you’re not here Far from here So much has changed Discordant Why have my dreams Failed to catch up With Reality Why must My dreams Be the Last to know? *Aiden Fyre* November 2013

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