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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Cross-Post: Suspension Failure – The Firebird Flies

This is a Cross-Post by Lee Harrington taken from his Student Lounge Discussion Group on Fetlife. The post below, while mostly cautioning us about the dangers of play and a reminder to take proper precautions, also tells the tale of our scary but amazing rope performance at Sacred Sexuality Beltane last weekend. It happens. In […]

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Cross Post: A celebration of Butch Voices

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Cross-Posted from Sinclair Sexsmith at www.SugarButch.net Upcoming fundraiser in Brooklyn for the Butch Voices conference in Oakland this fall! There is a lot of information on the Butch Voices website that details the conference’s goals, what BV is about, and the logistics of the conference in Oakland in August. Announcing A Celebration of Butch Voices… […]

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Listening to Pandora Radio while studying and writing papers, the song, “Magic” by Colbie Caillat came on. It’s always been a song I adored, but as the song continued, I felt a surge of warmth spread and fullness expand through my chest and a smile grow on my lips. After a magical week at Beltane, […]

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