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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Family Pressures: Being a Queer & Poly Only-Child…

I turned 30 in February and it seems as though my mother hears my biological clock ticking (or better yet, is expecting it to break). After returning to school at the age of 28, one would think my mother would be understanding of my commitment to finishing my education and the need for me to focus on my […]

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Life’s Bibles – The Books I Live By…

The following is a list of books that have affected my life in some way – either for a lifetime or just a momet in time. Some inspired change while others instilled the courage to remain the same and love who I am. Many remain a frequent reference and constant reminder of who and what I […]

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Presenting My First Class at Conversio Virium on Monday, 4/6/09!

Come check out my presentation at Conversio Virium at Columbia University on Monday, 4/6/09 at 9:15pm… the meeting is free and open to all. I’ll be presenting the following topic:   So you want to be a slut…? Survival Tips on How to Do it Safely, Sanely, and just have fun!     Interested in […]

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