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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Thoughts of Love & Longing…

I’m not sure what triggered it, but thoughts of him filled my head (and heart) this morning. I heard the depths of my soul speak to him. It said… I don’t need to be your one & only to love you…. I just need to be special. I can be your lover… just give me […]

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The Bestest & Largest Kinky Christmas Stocking EVER!

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If you aren’t already on FetLife, you NEED to join… seriously, it’s like MySpace for freaks! Sweetest site EVER! Like most of us on there, I’m addicted. It’s the best thing since floggers and rope. Oh, and for those of us who are sensitive to gender, orientation, and relationship styles, it’s one of the very few […]

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Today’s Reading: Putting Things in Perspective

It had been a while since I did a reading; this morning, I decided to do one just for some perspective and insight. As always, the oracle confirmed my suspicions and gave me confidence to hold steady and have faith. Here’s what the reading revealed: Druid Animal Oracle Hearth Spread – 12/21/08 Perceive: the way […]

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My Winter Fire Plans… Thus Far

Okay, so I've already got a few things in the works for Winter Fire… it's going to be an amazing 30th birthday! So far, here's what I've got planned: My Birthday Bang… if I go through with it. Hook suspension with  , Gordon?, etc. Virgin-Ass Sacrifice with   and our favorite kittyboy,   Sensual dominance and […]

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Dark Odyssey New Year’s Eve

Mick and I are going to the Dark Odyssey New Year’s Eve Party… woot. *does happy little dance* I can’t wait to see all of my DO friends… see you all in a few short weeks!

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Titles & Protocol

So, I find myself lacking for a term to call my new partner. I find myself wanting to call him something, but can't seem to find a title that suits us. Master conjures up images of middle-age macho men with no skills; Daddy makes me feel fluttery when thinking of queer D/s but so far  doesn't feel right in a regular […]

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Attention NY Metro Pleasure Positive Community

ATTENTION NY METRO PLEASURE POSITIVE COMMUNITY Have an event you want us to promote? Offering a service or workshop you want to advertise to the sex/pleasure positive community? If it's happening in the NY Metro area, we want to know about it! I am now working with Morpheus on the nycALTevents list as the Marketing […]

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All Riled Up… (Not Work Safe)

Tonight was hot. I mean, I was already kinda fiending for him after sitting at a table with him and Dov for 4 hours talking about all sorts of perversions, but then today things just got ramped up a notch. First, there was CitiKittie's webcam. Oh my god… I think I finally understand the appeal. […]

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Ready For Love

Sometimes, it's just easier to speak through music… and well, I think the universe reveals what we need in the right moment. Delving into my old blogs, I rediscovered India Arie… and then discovered this new song on YouTube. Wow, this just speaks volumes to me… a somber song, while not quite matching my contented and hopeful heart, […]

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He Said…

He said, "Your love is very vanilla… it's separate from your submission." To me, love is love. I don't know how to express love ONLY in submission, ONLY in service, or ONLY in every word, thought, or action. It just is…. and is always unconditional (or at least conditional on not being abused or exploited, but aside of […]

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