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Monthly Archives: September 2008

The Saga Continues…

Why won’t he leave me alone? Ugh. First, he lashes out with hurtful things by text message- not even to my face- the night I broke it off with him, tortures me with pettiness and BS for a day and a half afterwards, and then days later comes crawling back saying how much he loves […]

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I’ll Pencil You In… LOL ;P

Okay, I’m totally blaming Lee… it’s HIS fault. LOL No, not really, but he did introduce me to it… And by “it”, I mean Google Calendar. I swear, he’s the reason I finally switched over to LJ, too… he’s going to be my techie downfall, although BIll purposely tried to bait me into doing Twitter, […]

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Weighing Things Out…

I’ve been thinking about school, community, and STUFF at large all damn day… my brain is officially *full.* :S Meh. Okay, here are the factors I’m weighing:NYU Received a tentative acceptance. Official decision to be received in November. Only waiting until January- start in Spring Semester 2009. $35K a year for tuition… PLUS $15K for […]

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The Upside of Gaining Weight

So, I’ve been cleaning (or more like making a bigger mess in) my room all day and uncovered my old tux from my freshman dance at UPenn. Yup, I went in a tux wih tails. I was single at the time and thought it’d be cool to go in tails… was more a message of […]

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What isn’t Stolen…

What Isn’t Stolen… Shall be Found. Yup, I got proof of that today. For the last few weeks, I’ve been searching for the lanyard that attaches to my keys. Twice, I’ve “lost” my keys and had to use spares because I couldn’t keep track of my keys without the darn lanyard. I was also concerned […]

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School Decisions

So, I did a bit more research on Johns Hopkins Univerity… and it would seem that it’s transfer only, Fall admission only, but also HALF of what NYU costs. It seems I’ve now got some thinking to do. I’m trying to weigh out whether it makes more sense to wait a whole year, pay out […]

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Problem Girl

Don’t hold me to it but I think I’m finally starting to get tired of listening to Rob Thomas on loop. I swear, I’ve been listening to him for weeks… and no, I’m not exxagerating. I’m one of those people can listen to an album over and over and over and over… (do you get […]

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Following the Flow…

I work 10-hour shifts as an Admin Assistant to the Director of Radiology on weekends at a local Catholic Hospital. Woot. Okay, so that was entirely sarcastic, but whatever. I’m trying to switch to FT now that I’m off for the Fall and was trying to switch into a role closer to nursing… and had […]

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Thoughts Before Work…

First and foremost, the thought that occurred to me this morning in the shower (my thinking place) was, ‘Never date a Republican.’ Yes, that was my thought… and well-founded. The second part of that sentence in my head went a little like this,’ … even if he says he’s poly and kinky.‘ I swear, it […]

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What a Day…

Up and down like a damn roller coaster… shit, I’m wiped from the ride and I didn’t even go to Six Flags. Slap. Hug. Punch. Kiss. Kick. Caress. … at least that’s how it’s felt all damn day. Love and abuse. But, at least I can say I had both… and for that, I am […]

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